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Gary Bauer

My career has spanned more than thirty-five years, primarily in management consulting for large corporations. As a project manager leading large team efforts, I’ve witnessed first-hand the positive impact of effective coaching on team members. As a result of my successes at Ernst and Young, I was asked to participate in the development and implementation of a mentoring and coaching program for their consulting practices.


I found my new work, coaching and developing teams, incredibly rewarding. In 2004, I decided to change career direction and started my own coaching practice. My new career has allowed me to focus on my passion as a coach to help individuals, small businesses and corporate groups.  My work with individuals has helped them become more successful in both their personal and professional lives. My work with small businesses, including both management and employees, has helped them reach their full potential.


Contact me to find out how I can put my experience to work for you!

Corporate Coaching


Are you looking to improve morale, productivity, retention?

Employees are seeking a culture that is actively engaging and invests in their personal development.  Team or individual coaching will align employees with the corporate culture and provide them a true sense of purpose. 

Individual Coaching


Are you living your life by chance or by choice? 

Have you reached a plateau in your life personally? Professionally?  A life-coach will help you understand who you are, what gives your life value and how to pursue it with confidence.  Know where you are going and how you are going to get there.

Brainstorming Session
Business Planning


Is your business running by design or default?


A successful business requires vision, passion and commitment.   A Business Coach will be your partner in creating a strategy for your business to become successful by choice rather than chance. 

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